Poem #1

I don’t know where I’m going but I know if I stop myself I’ll never get there
I don’t know who I’ll be loving but if I never let you go
Who knows who will be there
If I continue to doubt myself
How can I live to my greatest potential
If I believe in God
Then why won’t I just let Him hold me in His hands
If I don’t do what I love
Then it’ll just let it fall in your hands
If I constantly worried
Then how could I live in this still moment
If I buried myself
How can I appreciate what was coming
If I waited for your recommendation
Then I’d be discrediting myself
If I believed in you more than I believed in me
Then there would be nothing to give
If I beat myself up for every mistake
Then how could I stop those doubting thoughts from coming
If I lose it all for the world
Then my life shouldn’t be worth knowing



2 thoughts on “Poem #1

  1. It’s so good to finally read some of your work , you have this certain vibe within your writing that’s going to take you so far . Loved every word of it .


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