Running Your Own Race

What are your biggest goals and dreams?

How do you want your life set up within the next 5-10 years?

What are you doing to get there?

Oh. And another thing…

Are you competing with the ones around you, or yourself?

Before there was Poetic Photosynthesis, there was doubt. As I’ve stated in previous posts, I have always wanted to inspire and uplift people by using the word and promises of God.



I felt as if I didn’t qualify for the job. Simply because I am EXTRMELY shy and I felt as if I didn’t have the welcoming personality of a “typical Christian”. And it didn’t help that I have the “you should smile sometimes” look. Now this doesn’t mean that I walk around upset and that I’m not friendly, but again, I am very shy, which is something that roots from another subject for another time.

For a long time, I compared my personality to one of my best friends who has the bubbliest, most inviting personality of all time (in my opinion). She can make a friend in two seconds and her joy is infectious. While me on the other hand, I can’t even open my mouth to introduce myself to someone. And when you do get me talking, I have a sarcastic sense of humor, and a straight forward approach to just about everything. I felt at the time that being a Christian meant that I had to obtain this unreachable level of perfection every day. I thought that I had to have that same bubbly, inviting personality just like my friend. And I came down hard on myself just about every day for not being more like her.

I also doubted my poetry. I thought it wasn’t catchy enough or sassy enough or didn’t have fancy word play involved. And because of this, I never shared my poetry with anyone, even if wanted to. Then comparison came creeping around the corner again when I compared my poetry to one of my closest friends who also writes poetry that is VERY respectable. Although I have done spoken word once before, I was afraid of getting on stage again because I thought I didn’t have “the voice” of a spoken word poet. I thought I wasn’t loud enough and I would fear my nervousness would take over and I wouldn’t be able to get my message across.

But after watching a Joel Osteen sermon, my mind took a turn for the bloom.

During the sermon, he stated that he felt as though he couldn’t be as good of a pastor as his father was, and that his southern accent would hinder his messages from being taken seriously.

He said that he learned he had to embrace what God had given HIM and learn how to enhance it on his own, becoming the best version of himself.

And of course, this was the sun creating a new petal.

After watching the sermon, I began to think of how I dimmed my own light because I felt as if I was not good enough for other things I wanted to accomplish in my life. And I came to the conclusion that, I can’t be like my friend. She was born with her uplifting spirit, but that doesn’t mean I’m not good enough to speak about God because I don’t have the same personality or that it makes me less than a follower and child of God. When I seek out to inspire others, I do it with love, and I think the reason why Joyce Meyer is my favorite preacher is because she has that same “say it like you mean it” approach that I do, which in my opinion is the best teaching method because the message doesn’t just touch the surface of the truth.

I also shared my insecurities with my friend who writes poetry. He told me that as long as I am being genuine with my words, people will feel me.

Two snaps to that.

Our lives were designed specifically for our own race to become the best version of ourselves. And if we stay in a state of consistent competition or comparison with others, we’ll forever lose. There is something we all have to contribute into the world, we wouldn’t be here if we did not. Even if you’re in a place where you don’t know what your purpose is or don’t know how to get where you want to be, pray with faith and ask for guidance in the right direction and ask God to provide you with the resources that you need.

Once you learn to embrace and work towards your own journey, you’ll be able to appreciate the other beautiful souls around you and be able to congratulate other’s accomplishments without that jealousy butterfly in your stomach. You’ll also be able to pray for other’s growth and be able to offer support. If there are good things you can learn from others and interpret them into your own life then that’s a plus (and ultimately our purpose), but the race to greatness is still different.

Each one of our perspectives that we gain from same the lessons we are taught are different from one another, and that alone shows that our bloom is subject to our own races.

Ultimately you’re competing with none other than your awesome self. And you only have room to bloom to better (if that made poetic sense). Your race is your own and you can only reach those dreams of yours with God as the one firing the gun for you to sprint away into greatness.

I love my friend’s warmth in her being, but I just cannot be her. And with God directing me to my dreams, I know I’ll inspire people even with my straight forward approach that is laced with love.

I’m no world-class poet (yet) and my voice may not carry the same volume on stage as the other poets that I admire, but the words that I write are genuine and I can always get better at my onstage presence.

I have embraced the fact that I’m just different. And if I compared myself to anyone else I would be discrediting my individuality. I mean I should seriously win an award for my sarcasm.

And I don’t have to beat anyone to the finish line, I don’t have to try to be like someone else, I don’t need to disown my talents, all I have to do is run MY race and congratulate others’ talents along the way. And if I go outside of my race, I’m sure I’ll fall over a hurdle or five.

Love of self is very essential

Embracing other beautiful souls around us is blissful

And having the knowing that our individuality is what makes us qualified for our own journeys is awesome

Enhance your own journey to what you want it to be like, your competition is your best self.

And another thing! I’ve learned is God will take the most seemingly unqualified individuals and use them for the most honorable positions, and they always get the job done!

So one time for the one time,

Lets Bloom!


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