Poem #4

This is what freedom looks like
Fingers in the wind
And a smile to my pain
Forgiving my naive mind
Accepting sanity as a gain, once again
This is what an exhale consists of
Acceptance, gratitude, and love
Prioritizing my daydreams
Instead of wandering in nightmares
Head high
Shoulders back
A gaze in my eyes
With so much clear space in my mind
I don’t even know
Where I should take a seat
Freedom is me
Believing in me
My beautiful soul no longer rests in doubt and insecurities
This is how I feel liberated
Because I live to lift those up from which whose lives fear was dedicated
And I’m vindicated
I cried the tears I needed to
And now chains no longer fit my brain
And the devil can’t attack me with pain
And I feel a smooth cold breeze in my veins
When I think about all the new possibilities that freedom will give
And I’ll walk a little taller
Move a little smarter
Take an extensive intake of my breath while I meditate
On The good energy that I will reap from now on
I’m free from the consistency of fear
And my song is that of a pretty bird
Words I can always express to souls that have never heard
The certainty of a free mind
And I will continue to fly high with soul finding verses
A stop has been put to
Man made curses
I am not bound to the chains that robbed me of my own shine
I feel the river that carries
The everlasting gift of freedom
Freedom is the prime of my mind



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