Poem #5

Hard knock life excuses bear no good grief
How can I fulfill my fantasies
With discouragement at my feet
I don’t have to shake hands with every devil that I meet
The truth is that they’re really scared to meet me
Because they know the name I carry
Is the one that makes them weak
A Child of God
So to speak
And I don’t need nothing interrupting my peace
I have belief in my feet
Week by week
I have broken free from being broken
Piece by peace
I don’t need another soul to stay awoken
Just the King and me
I don’t believe in discouragement
I believe in me



I Believe I Am… Ecouraged

When I decided to go to counseling for my depression and anxiety, I shared the traumatic life changing experiences that had occurred in my life over the past 2 years with the counselor. And after a lot of nodding and add-libbing during my “I just don’t know what to do” cry, the first thing he told me was “You’re a fighter. You’ve made it through all of that. I think you deserve some credit for that.”. But since my mind was in a “I’m still in so much pain” state, I didn’t know that I actually needed to be in a “Good job, now keep going” mind-frame.

The past is not a place that we are residing in right now, we’ve already lived through it , and if your chest is moving up and down, you have decided to keep going. The purpose of the past is to look back at where you’ve been and appreciate the strength you’ve built this far. Whether you realize it or not.


However, you have to encourage yourself, and believe in your encouragement. Encouragement requires a new attitude towards yourself, which involves a new love, respect, and level of confidence.

In my own honesty,  confidence is having the ability to love being bare-ly you. Did that make poetic sense?  In other words, boldly living your inner self on the outside and having your inside accept what is physically outside and owning it. That right there is something serious, and if you already have that, then you’re on your way up. But if having confidence is something that is new to you, then be patient with the process with loving yourself, and believing you are worthy of self love, it is a beautiful journey. Even if you have a day when you aren’t feeling encouraged, purposely live as if you are. Your feelings will eventually get in alignment with your actions. It’s called faithing it until you make it folks! I’m still practicing,  but I can sense already that it works!


And just as a gentle reminder, don’t play yourself. You need God for all that you want to achieve and all the confidence you have.Literally, nothing will go right if you’re soul-ly doing it your way, you need the Lord at every decision table. Ephesians 4:17-18 says ” I tell you this. I warn you: Do not continue living like those who do not believe. Their thoughts are worth nothing,. They do not understand, because they refuse to listen. So they cannot have the life that God gives.” Therefore, the confidence you hold should not be of arrogance, but gratitude in being able to accept who you are with assurance from God.

The back and forth between “I’m not good enough” and “Well maybe I should try” is useless. Why go against your own potential? Why doubt your abilities? Why go against you?  An understanding has to take place here and now. God gave you the ability to fulfill your most desirable wants and for you to take part in the things you need to do as well but you have to believe that, you have to live that, you have know that you are the green light. Ecclesiastes 6:10-11 says, “Everything that happens was planned a long time ago. A man is only what he was created to be, it is useless to argue with God about it, this is because God is more powerful than man is. The more you argue, the more useless it is. You gain nothing by arguing. A person has only a few days of life on the earth. His short life passes like a shadow. And who knows what is best for him while he lives? Who can tell him what will happen after his time on earth?”


The enemy will try to poke at your  insecurities, doubts, and fears to place you in discouragement, but even in times when we are tempted to be discouraged and fearful, we still have the right mind enough to make the decision to fight it off and encourage ourselves. And this takes practice and patience with yourself, and yes I’m still practicing, or blooming so to speak. AND IT WORKS!

Even if no one else believes you have the ability to do whatever it is you are trying to do, don’t wait for their approval. We aren’t on the earth to consistently try to convince people of who we are, the only opinion that matters is God’S. And only He can determine the purity in your heart. What I’ve learned is that if I wait for someone else’s approval I’m only weakening the ability to believe in myself, and holding other people accountable for congratulating me when I feel its necessary is a burden on myself, and sometimes on the other person.  You wont always get the applause. So be aggressive, be , be aggressive! Sorry, Bring it On just got added to Netflix, but you get my point. Be your own cheerleader. Pom Poms and everything.

Encouraging yourself to do the things that you don’t really feel like doing knowing that doing it will cause better habits and traits, causes an even more beautiful bloom. Joyce Meyer said once “When you feel like doing the wrong thing, but choose to do the right thing, you are growing” (or in our case, blooming)

Just say to yourself “just one more semester”, “just one more  hour at work”, “just 2 more laps”, “one more year until I can move out”.  Come on ! You can!

Keeping yourself encouraged also means killing off any negative thought towards yourself. Stop focusing on what you’re not, and focus on the beauty that you are. Inside the bud and outside on the petals. (speaking in poeticphotosynthesis terms here). Don’t talk down to yourself, you’ll begin to believe it. Carry yourself as the child of God that you are (a very honorable position btw), acknowledge how far you’ve come, and believe that you are not small, you are a Queen/ King that  Jesus thought was  worth dying for. And don’t even think about comparison. You don’t have to diminish your inner or outer beauty just to speak highly of someone else. It’s good to have a spirit that is eager to compliment, but  we’ve all got something worth offering and complementary about ourselves. Check out this post on running your own race. 

But to say the most, have gratitude that you are who you are and the life you’ve conquered so far,  thank God for that! You’re a beautiful flower that still has a garden to fill. Congratulate yourself from where you’ve been, believe in God and yourself to keep blooming, and knowing that loving yourself isn’t weird, but a blissful blessing. And while you’re keeping yourself away from the devil’s pettiness, encourage others as well, you’ll feel all soft and good and stuff like you just inspired the next Dj Khaled. Stay in an encouraged mindset and you’ll find that staying encouraged in other areas of your life easier. You’ll find yourself doing things you thought you were incapable of.

And I just wanted to tell you. CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve made it this far!


This week create your own encouraging meditation mantras. Try to make them in relation to what you need encouragement in right now.

These are a few of mine.

  • I have decided to keep living even when I didn’t feel like it
  • No one is better than me, and I’m no better than anyone else
  • I have the grace and confidence of a queen
  • God put the seeds of greatness in me
  • I’ve learned to love myself, while also showing love to others
  • I respect my peace, doubts and discouragement are NOT welcome

And never forget, God is in your heart, encouraging you 24/7.


I Believe I Am…Free

Freedom is desirable. Just think of how liberating it may feel to just have it in your life in this very moment?  But exactly how can we become and remain free from the things that we are stressing the most in our lives that put us in a state of suppression?  And exactly what is keeping you so held back from your exhale?

Could it be:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • fear of being accepted
  • addiction to negative thoughts and behaviors
  • insecurity
  • negativity
  • bad relationships
  • body shaming yourself
  • financial stress
  • something you’re running away from

Well what I can tell you is that you have the God-given ability to set yourself free from any imaginary mental choke-hold planted by the devil, and once you believe this truth, you will have this thing called freedom. Just think, what would freedom from  your struggle really look like in your life? Better confidence? Joy when life punches you in the face? The possibilities are endless.

But first, in order to have peace, you must also want it. Seems simple, I mean who doesn’t want to be completely free? But you’d be amazed at how we can add a sense of normalcy to the things we actually want to be free from, and when we pursue freedom, we may get uncomfortable because we’re getting rid of something that is normal to us. For example, for a long time I felt like I was suppressed to my painful circumstances thinking there was no way up from the pain, and constantly wanting people to feel sorry for me all the time. And while beginning to meditate on my freedom from feeling broken, I prayed to have these thoughts go away so I could focus more on positivity, but since I was so used to feeling like things would never get better, I would continue to use every chance I got to think positive, to let those depressing emotions take over. I was comfortable in my  suppression.

God had to bring it to my attention that in order to stop the bad habit, I had to believe that I was actually free from it, and to continue in freedom, I had to want it.Because if you know that something is not good for you, but you don’t want to be free from it yet, you’ll find it hard actually believing you are free, and you could potentially give up on your own freedom.

I think we’ve all heard the ” you can’t do the same thing and expect a different result” phrase, and that applies to an element within freedom as well.

You have to believe and know that you are free. Which is something that the devil will try to make you think you’re not regardless of your efforts. Good thing is, the devil ain’t nun but a liar. And when you elevate to new levels he’ll have you thinking doubting thoughts meant to throw your belief in your freedom off track.

Just to give a heads up, it’ll go a little something like this:

  • You aren’t good enough for freedom
  • You won’t get past this
  • You can’t control your thoughts
  • Your doubt in yourself is bigger than your will to keep going
  • Your progress will be wiped away if you make a mistake
  • You’re not really free, the pain is still there

But from what 1 Corinthians 7:20-21 says “Each one should stay the way he was when God called him, if you were a slave when God called you, do not let that bother you. But if you can be free, then become free. Yes,the enemy will make it easy to go back under suppression regardless of what level of freedom we’re on,  but we always have the ability to tap into our resilience and sound, free mind to that God has given us to keep blooming.

Freedom can also be fearful because some people may have a sense dependency towards their issue. Take FOMO (fear of moving out) for an example. It is liberating to finally be able to move out of your parent’s house, but the responsibility that comes with it is something you feel unprepared for.

And freedom comes with much responsibility. Which may require for you to have to create space from things that cause you to be suppressed instead of liberated.Because you can’t be free from bad habits if you allow the influences of those habits to continue to take place in your life.

I had a fear of freedom towards the end of a relationship because it meant I had to let something that I wanted go, which set my flesh into a frenzy. But I had to understand that staying in a constant state of heartbreak would not set me free from my pain and allow me to continue my life with joy and accept the lessons and perspectives given to me from that relationship. So eventually I had to stop listening to Mary J. Blidge, and get in formation with Beyonce.

Freeing yourself from whatever it is that is bothering you can either be a long-suffering exhale, or bittersweet growing pains. But Galatians 5:1 states that “We have freedom now because Christ made us free, so stand strong. Do not change and go back  into the slavery of the law”. And if we have freedom through God, we’re on the right track, and we’ll be iight.

Every step you make towards freedom is essential, no matter how big or small, but continuing in freedom is the only way to keep peace in your life. And the amazing part of it all is that we aren’t given suppression from God, we’re given strength, so whatever comes our way that is meant to disturb us from our peace, we already have the power to fight against it.

2 Timothy 1:7 says “God did not give us a spirit that makes us afraid. He gave us a spirit of power and love and self-control”.

So what should you do to stay in the peace of freedom? I’ll tell you what I do. Meditate. Pray. And believe.

I meditate on these 3 things

  • “I believe that I am free”
  • ” I have freedom”
  • “I don’t doubt that I can live in my freedom”
  • “My mind has been renewed in freedom”

Freedom is a liberating journey, but the entire way you must believe that you are free, and live as if you are. Old ways behind, new ways ahead. And when you are free from one thing, you’ll find it easy monkey bar to the next area of freedom that is often related to the original issue. Sometimes we aren’t aware of the things that we need to be free from, but once you feel it, you’ll know.

Cast all of your worries and stress on God in prayer and just be free, the sun is your spotlight. Don’t find yourself crying to the moon in depression because you spent the whole day in disbelief of your own freedom.

And as children of God, we already have the essentials that lie in forgiveness, a renewed mind, and peace.

So get out there and wear that bathing suit, get over that guy, go to an event by yourself, master your talents, believe in your freedom, and BLOOM.

When you wake up to the sun every morning, say with belief, 

 “I believe I am free.”


Poem #4

This is what freedom looks like
Fingers in the wind
And a smile to my pain
Forgiving my naive mind
Accepting sanity as a gain, once again
This is what an exhale consists of
Acceptance, gratitude, and love
Prioritizing my daydreams
Instead of wandering in nightmares
Head high
Shoulders back
A gaze in my eyes
With so much clear space in my mind
I don’t even know
Where I should take a seat
Freedom is me
Believing in me
My beautiful soul no longer rests in doubt and insecurities
This is how I feel liberated
Because I live to lift those up from which whose lives fear was dedicated
And I’m vindicated
I cried the tears I needed to
And now chains no longer fit my brain
And the devil can’t attack me with pain
And I feel a smooth cold breeze in my veins
When I think about all the new possibilities that freedom will give
And I’ll walk a little taller
Move a little smarter
Take an extensive intake of my breath while I meditate
On The good energy that I will reap from now on
I’m free from the consistency of fear
And my song is that of a pretty bird
Words I can always express to souls that have never heard
The certainty of a free mind
And I will continue to fly high with soul finding verses
A stop has been put to
Man made curses
I am not bound to the chains that robbed me of my own shine
I feel the river that carries
The everlasting gift of freedom
Freedom is the prime of my mind


Poem #3

Sitting in a room full of poets
Watching their stories in illustration through the rhythm of their beautiful words
Staring at everyone onstage
With overflowing inspiration on my temple
Pondering on my own excellence
Art is an abstract noun and poetry is my never ending presence
When everything is wrong or even sometimes right
I open my cognitive and place my disturbances on a piece of paper
And towards the conclusion of  a pessimist’s confusion
I can only foreshadow optimism while I write
But I if I got up there I don’t know if they would really hear me
If they didn’t see my words on paper they wouldn’t really feel me
So I don’t wanna really broadcast it, maybe I’ll do it behind the scenes
Write a book or two and tell you about my nightmares and dreams
But I would’ve killed it! I would’ve shown out!
Instead I was just another face in the crowd and no one saw me stand out
I felt a cork in my throat when he said
“Who’s next”
So I decided to say nothing
Even though if I went up there I would’ve provided them with something
My art
My pain
And my peace
If I don’t get up there one day there’s no telling how many lies from the devil I would greet
Fear , scares the greatness out of me
And forbid me from wearing the crown as another queen  in poetry
This is where doubt takes you, and this aint where I wanna be
Whether it has fancy words and metaphors
I just hope you can understand the emotions I once lived for
God installed the need for blunt expression in my software
So I should program some resilience in my system and get up there
I can only shine because I share what’s mine and if my genuine rhyme doesn’t fit for your time then just that’s fine
Because when the nights unwind and I’m all in my mind I don’t want to think “why am I wasting my time?”
Not another poem will go unjustified
Not another peace of paper will fall by the wayside
My art is good enough for God’s eyes
And if you feel me, then that’s just a bonus prize


Running Your Own Race

What are your biggest goals and dreams?

How do you want your life set up within the next 5-10 years?

What are you doing to get there?

Oh. And another thing…

Are you competing with the ones around you, or yourself?

Before there was Poetic Photosynthesis, there was doubt. As I’ve stated in previous posts, I have always wanted to inspire and uplift people by using the word and promises of God.



I felt as if I didn’t qualify for the job. Simply because I am EXTRMELY shy and I felt as if I didn’t have the welcoming personality of a “typical Christian”. And it didn’t help that I have the “you should smile sometimes” look. Now this doesn’t mean that I walk around upset and that I’m not friendly, but again, I am very shy, which is something that roots from another subject for another time.

For a long time, I compared my personality to one of my best friends who has the bubbliest, most inviting personality of all time (in my opinion). She can make a friend in two seconds and her joy is infectious. While me on the other hand, I can’t even open my mouth to introduce myself to someone. And when you do get me talking, I have a sarcastic sense of humor, and a straight forward approach to just about everything. I felt at the time that being a Christian meant that I had to obtain this unreachable level of perfection every day. I thought that I had to have that same bubbly, inviting personality just like my friend. And I came down hard on myself just about every day for not being more like her.

I also doubted my poetry. I thought it wasn’t catchy enough or sassy enough or didn’t have fancy word play involved. And because of this, I never shared my poetry with anyone, even if wanted to. Then comparison came creeping around the corner again when I compared my poetry to one of my closest friends who also writes poetry that is VERY respectable. Although I have done spoken word once before, I was afraid of getting on stage again because I thought I didn’t have “the voice” of a spoken word poet. I thought I wasn’t loud enough and I would fear my nervousness would take over and I wouldn’t be able to get my message across.

But after watching a Joel Osteen sermon, my mind took a turn for the bloom.

During the sermon, he stated that he felt as though he couldn’t be as good of a pastor as his father was, and that his southern accent would hinder his messages from being taken seriously.

He said that he learned he had to embrace what God had given HIM and learn how to enhance it on his own, becoming the best version of himself.

And of course, this was the sun creating a new petal.

After watching the sermon, I began to think of how I dimmed my own light because I felt as if I was not good enough for other things I wanted to accomplish in my life. And I came to the conclusion that, I can’t be like my friend. She was born with her uplifting spirit, but that doesn’t mean I’m not good enough to speak about God because I don’t have the same personality or that it makes me less than a follower and child of God. When I seek out to inspire others, I do it with love, and I think the reason why Joyce Meyer is my favorite preacher is because she has that same “say it like you mean it” approach that I do, which in my opinion is the best teaching method because the message doesn’t just touch the surface of the truth.

I also shared my insecurities with my friend who writes poetry. He told me that as long as I am being genuine with my words, people will feel me.

Two snaps to that.

Our lives were designed specifically for our own race to become the best version of ourselves. And if we stay in a state of consistent competition or comparison with others, we’ll forever lose. There is something we all have to contribute into the world, we wouldn’t be here if we did not. Even if you’re in a place where you don’t know what your purpose is or don’t know how to get where you want to be, pray with faith and ask for guidance in the right direction and ask God to provide you with the resources that you need.

Once you learn to embrace and work towards your own journey, you’ll be able to appreciate the other beautiful souls around you and be able to congratulate other’s accomplishments without that jealousy butterfly in your stomach. You’ll also be able to pray for other’s growth and be able to offer support. If there are good things you can learn from others and interpret them into your own life then that’s a plus (and ultimately our purpose), but the race to greatness is still different.

Each one of our perspectives that we gain from same the lessons we are taught are different from one another, and that alone shows that our bloom is subject to our own races.

Ultimately you’re competing with none other than your awesome self. And you only have room to bloom to better (if that made poetic sense). Your race is your own and you can only reach those dreams of yours with God as the one firing the gun for you to sprint away into greatness.

I love my friend’s warmth in her being, but I just cannot be her. And with God directing me to my dreams, I know I’ll inspire people even with my straight forward approach that is laced with love.

I’m no world-class poet (yet) and my voice may not carry the same volume on stage as the other poets that I admire, but the words that I write are genuine and I can always get better at my onstage presence.

I have embraced the fact that I’m just different. And if I compared myself to anyone else I would be discrediting my individuality. I mean I should seriously win an award for my sarcasm.

And I don’t have to beat anyone to the finish line, I don’t have to try to be like someone else, I don’t need to disown my talents, all I have to do is run MY race and congratulate others’ talents along the way. And if I go outside of my race, I’m sure I’ll fall over a hurdle or five.

Love of self is very essential

Embracing other beautiful souls around us is blissful

And having the knowing that our individuality is what makes us qualified for our own journeys is awesome

Enhance your own journey to what you want it to be like, your competition is your best self.

And another thing! I’ve learned is God will take the most seemingly unqualified individuals and use them for the most honorable positions, and they always get the job done!

So one time for the one time,

Lets Bloom!

poem #2

Slowly approaching realness

Explaining to myself that I knew my purpose would be those horrific highlights within the tests throughout my time

Letting myself know that when I decided to place my feet into pure waters I would be supreme of my prime

Understanding that I could be misunderstood

Praying I’ll never steal time to listen to the devil who is forever the antonym of good

Having the certainty and the knowing that God sent me here to be me

Be me in Him

That’s the only way a I’ll be able to truly breathe

Even with filth in the air

The only way I can remain senseful

While staring in the face of despair

It is my journey

And I’m grateful to still have more to add to my testimony

I ran away from the truth that would always seep through the cracks and taunt me

My mind was in a jail and I had to release myself

I had the key

God was only waiting for my exhale

So do what you must with me

Help me fill hearts with purity

Substantial stumbling will not have me crumbling unless I decide to get on my knees

And pray that you keep me in realness and you keep me at your plead


The Spatula

The Spatula

About two weeks ago on a calm Tuesday night after I had just gotten done finishing up some homework and attempting to get ready for a hibernation, I heard God say to me “go wash the dishes“. I wanted to wait until the morning to do so but it would be a clear act of disobedience if I decided to ignore the direction given to me.

Needing entertainment, I decided to plug my earbuds into my closed ears and listen to Andra Day’s “Rise Up”. While getting halfway through the dish load, I came face to face with the battle of trying to get dried pancake mix off of a spatula. There was one particular area that I couldn’t just scrub off, so I tossed it to the other side of the sink to wash it last so I could have “time” to scrub harder. But then I heard something in me say “don’t give up on that spatula”.

Definitely comical I know, but I automatically knew what God was telling me. There had been this one thing in my life that I felt as though I couldn’t seem to shake off, and while trying to remove it from my life I would give up after failing and would hope to be better during my next attempt. So in that moment I knew God was telling me that the one thing I had been struggling with is not something to give up on and come back to later, I have to continue to “scrub” it away, one aggressive back and forth motion at a time. Because if I held it off for a later date, it’ll be that much harder to get rid of.

So you bet I picked the spatula back up and it only took a couple of scrubs to get the remainder of the pancake mix off of the spatula.

Which had me thinking at the time, what if I’m already close to conquering this hardship? And that if I gave up on trying to get rid of it, it’ll just stay inside of me, which won’t give me peace.

And I’m happy to say now, that I think I’m about 99.9% there, I feel better that I haven’t given up GIVING UP something that would only take away the beauty of my bloom.

So whatever your gunk on your spatula may be, get it off. And don’t give up when you’re feeling as though the harder you scrub the more stubborn the gunk is, because you have the power to scrub it away.

The power is in your hands.


It’s amazing how God can bring a task as little as washing dishes to open your eyes to something, with the help of an inspirational tune from Andra Day.

Poem #1

I don’t know where I’m going but I know if I stop myself I’ll never get there
I don’t know who I’ll be loving but if I never let you go
Who knows who will be there
If I continue to doubt myself
How can I live to my greatest potential
If I believe in God
Then why won’t I just let Him hold me in His hands
If I don’t do what I love
Then it’ll just let it fall in your hands
If I constantly worried
Then how could I live in this still moment
If I buried myself
How can I appreciate what was coming
If I waited for your recommendation
Then I’d be discrediting myself
If I believed in you more than I believed in me
Then there would be nothing to give
If I beat myself up for every mistake
Then how could I stop those doubting thoughts from coming
If I lose it all for the world
Then my life shouldn’t be worth knowing


Stepping into Spiritual Freedom

I have recently found that Instagram has accounts that are dedicated to uplifting others by using the word of God, and that I notice that some of my Facebook friends post their testimonies on how great God has been to them. But there are some people who see these posts and may even take the time to tap “like” on the post, but leave their faith in the dark.

I was one of those people. The struggle to repost was real.  And I’ll tell you why I believe people are afraid of talking about God.

The entire concept of being afraid of speaking or posting about God is all rooted in, of course, fear. Fear of rejection from others, not being understood, being labeled a “Jesus Freak”, false perceptions of being a boring individual, or making yourself believe that you now have to be perfect in order to talk about God are some of the reasons why people may praise God behind closed doors. Or at least these were my reasons.

I had a blog identical to this one about 7 years ago. I was only in 8th grade but even then I had a strong connection with my spirit and God. I simply just wanted to inspire people and let them know about God’s grace. I was no expert (and never will be) about uplifting others, but I just always had a strong desire to help. But I constantly worried about people labeling me as a “Jesus Freak” and thinking I would be judging every action of theirs. Talking about God in middle school wasn’t the “coolest” thing, so I just kept my mouth closed. At the time I didn’t realize that loving God whole-heartedly wasn’t a bad thing, and that I could never judge anyone’s actions because I am also a sinner, but I continued to let doubt and fear into my mind.

Eventually, I gave up after only a couple of months of blogging material that no one knew about because I was afraid to tell anyone about it. But I always knew I still wanted to help in some type of way. Between the time of 7 years ago and today, I have written poetry whenever I was going through trying times for therapeutic purposes. I also wanted to one day publish a book of my poetry to help others through their trying times.

But the urge to blog again came back around fall of 2015. This time around I told myself I have to just do it!  I acknowledged my fears and told myself that I would have to push past every negative emotion that came about. God brought it to my attention that there was no harm in what I was doing and that I should never be fearful of speaking about the greatness of His doing. I realized that I don’t have to fear because God will always have my back and as long as my intentions are good, I won’t have to care for opinions or hide in the dark about my faith. It is my duty as a child of God to tell people about Him, so I’ll be iight.

This is a side of me a lot of people don’t know about because of my fears. I’m too blunt with my words sometimes and I haven’t always been a chipper person, which made me feel as if I was unqualified for this, but nah, I know me and I know what God is doing in this soul of mine.

I mean really, people will always have something to say, but when you live in your truth words cannot shake you. I love Wale’s song “The White Shoes” where he says “ Take this good advice. Cause they gonna judge you for life, say we can’t always be fly, but we gon’ be good long as them sneakers white”. This REALLY spoke to me. To me the white shoe was a symbol of our heart and intentions that we keep with us everyday ,and we have to keep them “white” to continue gracefully without interruption from the dirt that comes on our personal journeys. (even though I know that wasn’t EXACTLY his message).

And generally speaking, never, I mean NEVER be afraid to do what is thriving in your heart. I mean who knows how many people I could have inspired if I hadn’t given up?

We all have a special light, and mine was God using my love of writing along with my desire to help others through my relationship with Him that would shine brighter than any fear of mine.

Talking about God is not the way of the world and it won’t always get you the most likes on Instagram, but I am not of the world, so I’ll continue to shine my light and shut out any fear that may come for me. I am not quitting, not this time. And I am not ashamed to say I love God either.

And one thing I realized is that the fears that I had before I had never even experienced, so I gave up due to events that I had never even occurred.

That’s what fear does to us people.

Ultimately, my goal is to see you bloom and push past any hardship that you are facing or have faced. If I can inspire at least one person, then my dream would have come true in that moment. I will be as honest with my words as possible, and I hope I touch whoever God brings to this blog.