Poem #5

Hard knock life excuses bear no good grief
How can I fulfill my fantasies
With discouragement at my feet
I don’t have to shake hands with every devil that I meet
The truth is that they’re really scared to meet me
Because they know the name I carry
Is the one that makes them weak
A Child of God
So to speak
And I don’t need nothing interrupting my peace
I have belief in my feet
Week by week
I have broken free from being broken
Piece by peace
I don’t need another soul to stay awoken
Just the King and me
I don’t believe in discouragement
I believe in me



Poem #4

This is what freedom looks like
Fingers in the wind
And a smile to my pain
Forgiving my naive mind
Accepting sanity as a gain, once again
This is what an exhale consists of
Acceptance, gratitude, and love
Prioritizing my daydreams
Instead of wandering in nightmares
Head high
Shoulders back
A gaze in my eyes
With so much clear space in my mind
I don’t even know
Where I should take a seat
Freedom is me
Believing in me
My beautiful soul no longer rests in doubt and insecurities
This is how I feel liberated
Because I live to lift those up from which whose lives fear was dedicated
And I’m vindicated
I cried the tears I needed to
And now chains no longer fit my brain
And the devil can’t attack me with pain
And I feel a smooth cold breeze in my veins
When I think about all the new possibilities that freedom will give
And I’ll walk a little taller
Move a little smarter
Take an extensive intake of my breath while I meditate
On The good energy that I will reap from now on
I’m free from the consistency of fear
And my song is that of a pretty bird
Words I can always express to souls that have never heard
The certainty of a free mind
And I will continue to fly high with soul finding verses
A stop has been put to
Man made curses
I am not bound to the chains that robbed me of my own shine
I feel the river that carries
The everlasting gift of freedom
Freedom is the prime of my mind


Poem #3

Sitting in a room full of poets
Watching their stories in illustration through the rhythm of their beautiful words
Staring at everyone onstage
With overflowing inspiration on my temple
Pondering on my own excellence
Art is an abstract noun and poetry is my never ending presence
When everything is wrong or even sometimes right
I open my cognitive and place my disturbances on a piece of paper
And towards the conclusion of  a pessimist’s confusion
I can only foreshadow optimism while I write
But I if I got up there I don’t know if they would really hear me
If they didn’t see my words on paper they wouldn’t really feel me
So I don’t wanna really broadcast it, maybe I’ll do it behind the scenes
Write a book or two and tell you about my nightmares and dreams
But I would’ve killed it! I would’ve shown out!
Instead I was just another face in the crowd and no one saw me stand out
I felt a cork in my throat when he said
“Who’s next”
So I decided to say nothing
Even though if I went up there I would’ve provided them with something
My art
My pain
And my peace
If I don’t get up there one day there’s no telling how many lies from the devil I would greet
Fear , scares the greatness out of me
And forbid me from wearing the crown as another queen  in poetry
This is where doubt takes you, and this aint where I wanna be
Whether it has fancy words and metaphors
I just hope you can understand the emotions I once lived for
God installed the need for blunt expression in my software
So I should program some resilience in my system and get up there
I can only shine because I share what’s mine and if my genuine rhyme doesn’t fit for your time then just that’s fine
Because when the nights unwind and I’m all in my mind I don’t want to think “why am I wasting my time?”
Not another poem will go unjustified
Not another peace of paper will fall by the wayside
My art is good enough for God’s eyes
And if you feel me, then that’s just a bonus prize


poem #2

Slowly approaching realness

Explaining to myself that I knew my purpose would be those horrific highlights within the tests throughout my time

Letting myself know that when I decided to place my feet into pure waters I would be supreme of my prime

Understanding that I could be misunderstood

Praying I’ll never steal time to listen to the devil who is forever the antonym of good

Having the certainty and the knowing that God sent me here to be me

Be me in Him

That’s the only way a I’ll be able to truly breathe

Even with filth in the air

The only way I can remain senseful

While staring in the face of despair

It is my journey

And I’m grateful to still have more to add to my testimony

I ran away from the truth that would always seep through the cracks and taunt me

My mind was in a jail and I had to release myself

I had the key

God was only waiting for my exhale

So do what you must with me

Help me fill hearts with purity

Substantial stumbling will not have me crumbling unless I decide to get on my knees

And pray that you keep me in realness and you keep me at your plead


Poem #1

I don’t know where I’m going but I know if I stop myself I’ll never get there
I don’t know who I’ll be loving but if I never let you go
Who knows who will be there
If I continue to doubt myself
How can I live to my greatest potential
If I believe in God
Then why won’t I just let Him hold me in His hands
If I don’t do what I love
Then it’ll just let it fall in your hands
If I constantly worried
Then how could I live in this still moment
If I buried myself
How can I appreciate what was coming
If I waited for your recommendation
Then I’d be discrediting myself
If I believed in you more than I believed in me
Then there would be nothing to give
If I beat myself up for every mistake
Then how could I stop those doubting thoughts from coming
If I lose it all for the world
Then my life shouldn’t be worth knowing